Configure - Payout Flow

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Setting : Payouts

Before updating the payout flow mappings, navigate to Settings → Payouts.

There are a few NetSuite accounts you will need to create and select in the integration.

  1. Account for NetSuite Bank Deposit Account → Bank Account
  2. Account for Stripe Fee → Expense Account
  3. Account to Track Unreconciled Deposits → Other Current Asset Account

Additionally, you can now 

  • choose Accounts to track 
    • financing paydown payments
    •  payment variances and 
    • refund variances.
  • enable Multi-currency (if you have multi-currency enabled in your NetSuite account)
  • enable variance calculation for unmatched amounts for transactions. By enabling this feature, a script will calculate the variances for unmatched amounts for transactions from Stripe to NetSuite and store them into a custom record.
  • filter Payouts based on
    • Status (Paid or Pending)
    • Date (Arrival Date or Created)

Stripe Payout - NS Settings (2_1_2024).png

Stripe Transaction Type to NetSuite Account Mappings

You can map the various Stripe Transaction Types to specific NetSuite Accounts within the Deposit record. This setting supports the following Stripe Transaction Types:

  • Application Fee (application_fee)
  • Stripe Fee (stripe_fee)          
  • Payment Refund (payment_refund)          
  • Payment Failure Refund (payment_failure_refund)              
  • Adjustment (adjustment)             
  • Refund (refund)
  • Charge (charge)   
  • Payment (payment)             
  • Transfer (transfer)        
  • Transfer Refund (transfer_refund)                  
  • Reserve Transaction (reserve_transaction)                
  • Application Fee Refund (application_fee_refund)                  
  • Financing Paydown (financing_paydown)             
  • Network Cost (network_cost)Stripe Payout Transaction Type conbined.png

DataFlow : Stripe Payout Transactions to NetSuite Deposit Add

In this integration app, there is only one flow to configure. Navigate to the integration app tile → Flows → Payouts.


Under the flow's mapping, there are 4 steps to configure. The below screenshots are mapping value examples. Please use as a reference and configure appropriately for the business.


  1. Add NovaModule Stripe Payout Summary to NetSuite

  2. Add a Deposit into NetSuite

    Account for NetSuite Bank Deposit Account → Bank Account

    Account for Stripe Fee

  3. Add Stripe Refund Transactions into Deposit

  4. Update NM Stripe Payout Summary Record with Deposit Id


Next Steps

Congratulations! You are done configuring Stripe - NetSuite Payout Reconciliation app. If you have any questions, please contact us through the support widget.