Getting Started with Stripe-NetSuite Payout Reconciliation Integration

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Product Overview

This guide is designed to give the user an overview of the integration and also provides detailed implementation instructions.

Eliminate manual effort and automatically reconcile NetSuite transactions to Stripe payouts recorded as bank deposits in NetSuite. Instead, use our prebuilt but highly configurable integration app that is Oracle NetSuite SDN (SuiteCloud Developer Network) certified.

See below for potential supported business use cases.

  • Import Stripe Payouts to NetSuite
  • Reconcile Stripe Payouts to NetSuite reconciled or unreconciled transactions
  • Record Stripe fees
  • Record disputes and dispute fees
  • Configure to record Stripe transaction fees in a respective G/L account

This NetSuite SuiteApp and Celigo Integrated App are built, maintained, and supported by Nova Module.

Supported Functionality

  • Stripe Payout Transactions to NetSuite Deposit Add

Payout API Flow


Start the process by reviewing our implementation overview.


Keeping this guide updated is our priority. Therefore, relevant and applicable use-cases within the scope of this integration app will be documented here in the guide. Contact us through the support widget and send us any comments or questions!