Setup NetSuite Connection in

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Please follow the below instructions to set up the NetSuite connection in

1. Go to Tools & Resources → Connections → New Connection.



2. Fill the details as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Select the Connection as NetSuite → It will open up a connection setup pop-up
  • Select the required NetSuite environment (Sandbox/ Production)
  • Add Token ID & Token Secret that has been already generated from the following instructions.
  • Please enter the proper NetSuite account ID. Please click here to know the steps about how to get the NetSuite account ID.


NOTE: If you are installing the integration in the Sandbox instance, please make sure to select the Environment as Sandbox2.0 and the account ID as 1234_SB instead of 1234-SB.


3. Click Test and if it shows as working fine as below then save and close it else retry it by entering the correct values.



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