Generate Shopify API Access Tokens Using a Custom App

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Follow these steps to create a private Shopify API access token. Once the API access tokens are available, you can fill in the Shopify application details in Celigo's connection window.

Additional instructions can be found at Celigo's help article.

  1. Log into the Shopify store Admin using admin credentials.

  2. Once successfully logged in, please click on the settings at the bottom left of the page.

  3. On the settings page, click on Apps and sales channels.

  4. On the Apps and sales channels page, click on Develop apps at the top right.

  5. On the App development page, click Allow custom development app if the custom development app is not enabled already.

  6. On the next page, click Allow custom app development button.

  7. Now your store is allowed to develop custom apps.

  8. Next click on Create an app button on the page. (If the custom development app is already enabled, click on create an app. Skip steps 5,6 and 7 above).

  9. On the create an app page, provide the app name as “novamodule Shopify Access” then click on create an app button on the below screen.

  10. On the next page, click on Configure Admin API Scopes.

  11. On the Admin API scopes page, select the scopes that you want to provide access via API keys, please check the below for reference. For example, check the scopes for Fulfillment services (write and read), Inventory (write and read), and Orders (write and read).
    11_-_Provision_Inventory_Access_Scope.png 12_-_Provision_Orders_Access_Scope.png

  12. Click on Save at the bottom of the page then go to the “API credentials” on page.

  13. Click on the Install app button on page.

  14. Once you clicked on the Install app button, it will open a popup for confirmation, on the popup please click on the Install button, now the app is installed successfully.

  15. On the API credentials page, click on “Reveal token once” to see the Admin API access token and copy and save it somewhere on your system for future use.

  16. On the same page, if you scroll down, you will see the API key and secret key, copy and save them to your system for future use.

  17. Go to Shopify connection (create/edit) on and select Basic type from the Authentication type drop-down.

  18. Enter the store URL in the Store URL text field.

  19. Enter the API key in the API key text field that you copied in the above step 16.

  20. Enter the Admin API Access token in the Password field that you copied in the above step 15.

  21. Finally, click on the Save button to establish the Shopify connection in


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