Configure - Fulfillment Flow

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Fulfillment flow takes care of sending tracking numbers and Shipping Carrier details for the sales order from NetSuite to WooCommerce.

Note: Please install the Shipment Tracking Plugin if you want us to export the tracking number from NetSuite and populate it in WooCommerce.Plugin Link -

DataFlow 1:  Fulfillment – Add Shipment Data from NetSuite to WooCommerce

This flow will export tracking information from NetSuite to WooCommerce.

Part A: Setting the side of things –

Steps to configure flow:  –

  1. Log into
  2. Click on WooCommerce – NetSuite Integration App
  3. Click on the Settings → Fulfillment tab and select the correct saved search
  4. Click on the fulfillment export flow field mappings and find the Shipping method mapping. Click on the Settings icon to map NetSuite shipping methods with the shipment carriers.
  5. Add all the NetSuite Shipping method value results in the below lookups and their WooCommerce corresponding carriers (Ex: fedex, ups, usps) and click on SAVE after adding all the required shipping methods.


PART B: Configuring the NetSuite side of things

Steps to configure saved search:

  1. Type: novamodule WooCommerce Fulfillment Export in the Global Search in NetSuite.
  2. Edit it and go to Criteria
  3. Go to results and add the required field for the Shipping Method label if the correct mappings are not added to the saved search.

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