Configure - Product Flow

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ShipStation Order session offers 2 flows that take care of Product updates between NetSuite and ShipStation.

ShipStation – NetSuite Integration app will update product details from NetSuite to ShipStation (This flow does not create items in ShipStation).

Data Flow 1: Item ID Mass Update – Update ShipStation Item ID from ShipStation to NetSuite

  • Before running the item update flow, you need to run this flow. It will assign ShipStation item id’s to NetSuite items so that items in both the systems (NetSuite and ShipStation) are synced.
  • No need to configure this flow just turn on and schedule the flow when you are going live with the Integration.
  • These below are the mandatory mappings. If you are not using Item Name in NetSuite as the SKU, please make sure to replace the field you are using as SKU in NetSuite with Item Name in the Celigo IO Mappings.

Data Flow 2: Items – Update Items from NetSuite to ShipStation

This flow is based on a NetSuite saved search. All the products/items get updated from NetSuite saved search: “novamodule ShipStation Item Export Template” and sent to ShipStation via Integration flow.

Part A:  Setting the NetSuite side of things –

Steps to configure saved search –

  • Create a copy of the saved search: novamodule ShipStation Item Export Template and name it –novamodule ShipStation Item Export Template_PROD.
  • Add relevant criteria in the newly created saved search to get the items you would prefer to update in the ShipStation.
  • Configure results as your business requirement for the following fields. The fields mentioned in the snapshot are mandatory and in the absence of any field exported files would error out in

Below are the list of fields that can be updated through the ShipStation Integration.

  • productId
  • sku
  • name
  • price
  • defaultCost
  • length
  • width
  • height
  • weightOz
  • productCategory
  • productType
  • warehouseLocation
  • customsValue
  • customsTariffNo
  • customsCountryCode

Part B:  Setting the side of things –

Steps to configure flow:  –

  • Login into
  • Click on the ShipStation–NetSuite Integration App
  • Click on “Advanced Settings” and next in “General” configure following fields-
  1. ‘Select a NetSuite Saved Search for exporting Product/item details’ : select the PROD saved search from the drop-down that we configured.
  2. Select the NetSuite price level.
  3. Click on “Mapping” and configure it as below. The important thing to remember.
    – ‘Export Fields (NetSuite)’ are the Custom labels of the Results fields from the NetSuite Saved search.
    – ‘Import Field (Wrapper)’ are the fields that go into the Products and are expected from the ShipStation.


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