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DataFlow 2:  NetSuite Item Receipts to Returnly Refunds Add

This flow will export the item receipts from Returnly to NetSuite. Once the export is done, the Returnly RMA status will change from “DELIVERED” to “REFUNDED”. This means that the refunded amount is successfully refunded to the original payment method used.



Part 1:Setting side of things –

Steps to configure flow: 

  1. Login into
  2. Click on Returnly-NetSuite Integration App
  3. Click on “Settings” and configure the following fields-


A) NetSuite saved search for the item receipt export*

Type novamodule in the NetSuite global search and hit enter. Find the saved search with name “NovaModule Returnly Item Receipt Search [Locked]” and rename it to something which will help to find the saved search easily.  Select that saved search under the NetSuite saved search for the item receipt export* option. This saved search will export the item receipts from NetSuite to Returnly for the return authorization which are imported by Nova Module Returnly Integration App.


Part 2:  Click on the icon under the Mapping column and configure the fields-


  1. Set the items[*].restock to FALSE if you don’t want to restock the item inventory automatically from Returnly to Shopify or any other integration. Click on


Next Steps

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