Getting started with the Loop Returns to NetSuite Integration

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This guide is designed to give an overview of the integration as well as provide detailed implementation instructions.

Loop Returns makes it easy to automate every step of the return and get your time back. Give customers a smooth return experience that automates the return and refund process altogether, so your team can focus on more valuable work. Allow customers to exchange directly from your return portal. Loop Returns pays for the order on behalf of your customers, so they can get the right item before returning the wrong one.

The Integration App allows users to import the RMAs (Return Authorization) to NetSuite from Loop Returns so you can create Return Authorization, Item Receipt and Cash Refund Or Credit Memo using our integration app. First, our integration app will import all the Returns which are in ‘Open/Closed’ status from Loop Returns and create a return authorization in NetSuite. Once the item receipt created against the return authorization with the inventory location of your choice, our integration app will export the Item receipt back to Loop Returns and process the return in Loop Returns. After processing the return, the return status changes to ‘Closed’ in Loop Returns, our integration app will create the cash refund or credit memo against the corresponding return authorization.

Using our integration app, your organization saves hours each day of manual work and your focus is shifted to managing your returns in Loop Returns and avoid building custom integrations, saving you months of development time and eliminating ongoing maintenance. Private companies, startups, and publicly traded companies that run on NetSuite have been using this and other integrations built on – Celigo’s iPaaS platform.

Next Steps

Take a look at the Implementation section of the implementation guide on the left-hand side of the screen to understand how a typical implementation process looks like.