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How to add the default Deposit account mapping in IO for the Customer Deposit record in NetSuite?

Open the Customer deposit flow field mappings and add the account(Name)/account(Internal Id) field. Go to Setting icon → Select the correct account in the drop-down and save it.



How can I schedule a flow to run automatically?

Login to your integrator.io account and open the integration app.

Go to the flow that you would like to schedule and turn on the flow

Go to the schedule and click on it (the screenshot below shows other data flows from another integration app and used here as an example; you will need to perform this operation in the respective integration app that you are configuring).


Go to the below page and select the required timezone, type, frequency, start time, end time, run days

In type: Use preset, the least you can run the flow is for every 15 minutes

Another option is that you can use a cron expression to schedule your integration data flows. The most frequent option to have the flow execute automatically would be every 5 minutes. Please follow the steps below to schedule the integration data flow to run every 5 mins.

NOTE: You can set your integration to run at other intervals, explore various cron options as needed.


What is the least time interval to schedule a flow?

The least that you can schedule a flow to run is every 5 minutes by selecting the type: cron expression. (see Question 2 above)


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