Configure - Customer Deposit Flow

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The integration app has only one flow. Its main purpose is to create Customer Deposits based on Sales Orders in NetSuite.

DataFlow 1:  Customer Deposit – Add Customer Deposit from NetSuite Order to NetSuite Customer Deposit

This flow will create Customer Deposits in NetSuite for the Sales Orders.

PART A: Setting NetSuite side of things

Steps to configure the saved search:

  1. Type ‘novamodule Auto-create Customer Deposit’ in the Global Search in NetSuite and hit enter; NetSuite will return the list of all saved searches that matches the request. Select relevant saved search, click Edit and update the name of the saved search to clearly know that a particular saved search is the one you modified and will use in the integration. You can update the saved search name by adding an extra word to it – e.g. “novamodule Auto-create Customer Deposit – MASTER.” This way out of many saved searches with the same name you can be sure you are using the one that you need.Nova_Module_Auto-create_Customer_Deposit_Saved_Search.png
  2. Save the saved search with updated name.Edit_Auto-create_Customer_Deposit_Saved_Search.png
  3. Go to the Edit mode again and make sure to have the “Customer Internal Id” field in the results. If it is not there, add the field and save the saved search.

PART B: Configuring the integration app.

  1. Login to your account and select “NetSuite Customer Deposit – NetSuite Connector” tile by clicking on it;
  2. Under the Settings section, pick the right saved search in this field ‘Select a NetSuite Saved Search to auto-create customer deposits in NetSuite *’
  3. Under the Settings section, pick the right value in this field ‘Select a sales order status to auto-create customer deposit in NetSuite *’. It is a checkbox so you can check both status options, or one, or the other. Click save.Integrator.io_-_Settings.png
  4. It is suggested that you restrict the saved search to only  return the result for 1 transaction so you can test it. You can add a specific record internal id in the criteria of the saved search.NetSuite_Saved_Search_Internal_ID_Criteria.png
  5. Save and Run the saved search and ensure you only have 1 test transaction in the saved search.NetSuite_Saved_Search_Preview.png
  6. If you do, you can run the integration data flow now to perform the test.Integrator.io_-_Turn_on_flow.pngNOTE: If you’d like to re-perform the test on the same sales order, you need to delete the customer deposit record created by the integration as part of your initial test, then uncheck the checkbox ‘NetSuite Auto Deposit Exported’ (located under the Custom tab of the sales order record) so the same sales order can be pulled up again in the saved search.

Next Steps

Take a look at the Q&A section of implementation guide on the left-hand side of the screen. Some of those answers / scenarios may be applicable to your integration / automation.