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Integrating Stripe to NetSuite can be easy. The sections on this page will guide you through the steps with screenshots and how-to videos to assist you in this process.

Insert Stripe Credentials into NetSuite

In order to complete this section, you will need access to Stripe API keys and NetSuite Administrator.

  1. Log into NetSuite Admin and navigate to menu tab novaApps → PayPack – Integrated Payment Processing for Stripe → Configuration.
  2. Log into Stripe and navigate to Developers → API keys. We highly recommend testing in sandbox which Stripe allows by toggling test mode on the top right of your account.
    1. Copy Publishable Key and paste into PayPack configuration field “Stripe Publishable Key“.
    2. Copy Secret Key and paste into PayPack configuration field “Stripe Secret Key“. Secret keys can be standard or restricted. For greater security, you can create a restricted api secret key with the below permissions.

Stripe Restricted API Key Permissions (Optional)

For organizations who require restricted api access, create a restricted api key that will replace the standard api secret key.

Note: you will only need to grant access to the permissions column (not connect permissions).


Resource Type Permission
All core resources
Charges Write
Customers Write
PaymentIntents Write
PaymentMethods Write
SetupIntents Write
Sources Write
All Checkout resources
Checkout Sessions Write
All Billing resources
Invoices Write
All Issuing resources
Cards Write
Transactions Write
All Payment Links resources
Payment Links Write

Enable/Disable PayPack

To enable/disable PayPack, simply mark and unmark the checkbox “ENABLE SUITEAPP”.


Add Stripe Statement Descriptors

Statement descriptors explain charges or payments on bank statements. Using clear and accurate statement descriptors can reduce chargebacks and disputes. To learn more, see Stripe Docs –Statement Descriptors.


Customize Stripe Customer Lookup Fields

There are NetSuite accounts who may already have a Stripe customer ID stored in a custom field. You are allowed to enter a NetSuite field ID for the configuration field Stripe Customer ID.

In another scenario, we may want to use a different email address field ID in NetSuite to sync Stripe customer IDs. A separate configuration field is provided labeled Customer Email Field ID.

Multi-Currency Lookup

Before enabling multi-currency, let’s make sure you have this NetSuite feature on. You can verify by navigating to Setup → Company → Enable Features. Under the Company subtab, you will see a checkbox for Multiple Currencies.

If you are using Multi-Currency, navigate to Lists → Accounting → Currencies to find each currency ISO code which is used in PayPack’s configuration.

Enable Credit/Debit Card on Sales Orders & Invoices

By default PayPack’s integrated payment processing solution for Stripe displays under the Customer record subtab PayPack.

To enable PayPack for Sales Orders and Invoices, check the configuration box label Add Credit/Debit Card on Sales Order/Invoice Record. Before hitting save, make sure to checkEnable SuiteApp to turn PayPack on.