Prevent Duplicate Refunds in NetSuite when using both the Shopify - NetSuite IA and the Loop Returns - NetSuite IA

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Issue: Having both the Shopify - NetSuite IA AND the Loop Returns - NetSuite IA causes duplicate refunds in certain scenarios. Returns with gift card payment method and exchanges can cause duplicate refunds to be created in NetSuite: 1 refund gets created by the Shopify - NetSuite IA & another one gets created by the Loop Returns - NetSuite IA for the same return.


Root Cause: Even though the Shopify - NetSuite IA has a setting to ignore certain sources of the refunds, Loop Returns does not send this data to Shopify for these 2 types of returns (gift cards and exchanges). The Nova Module product team notified Loop Returns of this issue but Loop Returns is unable to send the source info in the JSON property where it is needed by the Shopify - NetSuite IA. 


Solution: As a workaround, Loop Returns can send an identifier on the refund to Shopify which can be used on the import filter of the Shopify - NetSuite IA [flow name: Shopify refund to NetSuite refund (add)] to ignore these refunds. The Nova Module product engineering team has tested this in our demo environment and this works. Duplicate Refunds are no longer created in NetSuite for these use cases.


Steps involved to update the Shopify - NetSuite IA Configurations:

  1. First, Loop Returns needs to turn on a setting [#LoopRefund#’ or ‘#LoopZeroRefund#] through the backend in order for the identifier to be available in the dataset. Please contact Loop Returns’ Support to get this setting enabled.
  2. Next, in the Shopify - NetSuite IA, configure the flow Shopify refund to NetSuite refund (add), on the “Post order refunds (invoice or cash sale) to NetSuite” bubble, configure the import filters. Please see the screenshots below 

  1. Then, test the gift card and exchange use cases to ensure the solution works as intended.
  2. Please repeat these steps for all of your Shopify stores that use both the Shopify - NetSuite IA and the Loop Returns - NetSuite IA.


If you need further assistance, please submit a request with Nova Module support.