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Implementation Overview

In general terms, the entire implementation process whether done as a self-implementation or a managed implementation consists of several stages:

1) Prerequisites
2) Installation
3) Configuration
4) Testing (UAT)
5) GoLive


Before the installation, configuration and testing can begin, it is important to complete the prerequisites listed below.

  1. Access to iPaaS Account
    You will need to have access to the main account. Either create one or ensure you have credentials to access the main account. Click here to see details on how to create one if needed.

  2. Administrator Access to NetSuite
    You will need to have Administrator access to NetSuite Production and/or NetSuite Sandbox account. Click here to see details on how to create one if needed.

    Ensure you have administrator-level access to your NetSuite account. You will need NetSuite Account ID to install the integration app.


Install the NetSuite Bundle Novamodule Tax Calculations (310634).  

Novamodule Tax Calculations NetSuite Bundle 310634.png

Navigate to the Customizations → Scripts → Filters → Choose 310634 in the From Bundle drop-down and check Show Inactives. Upon initial installation, the script is set to inactive status.

Enable Novamodule Tax Calculations Script.png

In the results, you will see the "Novamodule Tax Calculations" script which is inactive. Open the record and Uncheck the checkbox to change the status of the script to active. 

Go to deployment in the same record and ensure the script is applied only to record types the customer needs.

Update Applies to Transactions in Deployments Tab.png

One Userevent script is deployed on the below records.  (these records may differ based on customer requirements) 

  • Cash Refund
  • Cash Sale 
  • Return Authorization 
  • Sales Order