Configure - Export Acknowledgements

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Technical Design

The custom line item columns on NetSuite sales order are set up to manually set the order acknowledgement and item availability that is returned to Amazon. This also includes the “estimated ship date” that is also returned to Amazon that is manually set by the client on sales order line items. If not applicable, sales orders will be hard-coded to auto-accept.


Sync Vendor’s Direct Fulfillment Acknowledgement to Amazon: This integration flow syncs the Acknowledgements from NetSuite sales order to Amazon

Integration Method

  • Data Formats: JSON
  • Transport Protocol: HTTP
  • Frequency: Batch (scheduled to be finalized during the project)
  • Data Volumes: TBD
  • API Endpoint Name: POST Acknowledgement
  • API: POST /vendor/directFulfillment/orders/v1/acknowledgements 
  • NetSuite Record: Sales Order

Setup Instructions

  • Make a copy of the saved search “novamodule | AVC | Order Acknowledgement Export” from the bundle
  • Make the necessary changes and use that for the saved search