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Implementation Overview

In general terms, the entire implementation process whether done as a self-implementation or a managed implementation consists of several stages:

1) Prerequisites
2) Installation
3) Configuration
4) Testing (UAT)
5) GoLive


Before the installation, configuration and testing can begin, it is important to complete the prerequisites listed below.

  1. Access to iPaaS Account
    You will need to have access to the main account. Either create one or ensure you have credentials to access the main account. Click here to see details on how to create one if needed.
  2. Access to Stripe Account
    You will need access to your Stripe account administrator. Either create one or ensure you have credentials to access. Click here to see details on how to create one if needed.


Here are the instructions to install a Celigo quickstart template.

1. Access the Marketplace:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the Marketplace menu option.

2. Locate Your Template:

  • Scroll through the list or search for stripe data uploader.
    Install CSV - Stripe Data Uploader Quickstart Template.png

3. Initiate Installation:

  • Click the preview > button on the chosen template tile.

4. Review and Confirm:

  • The Install Wizard will display a list of components it will create in your account.
  • Click Install now to proceed.
  • Click Proceed to confirm.

5. Configure Connections:

  • Upon completion, you'll be redirected to the Setup page.
  • Set up the connections to each app using your account credentials:
    • Click Configure to open the connection for an endpoint.
    • Enter required connection details (username, password, API keys, etc.).
    • Click Test or Validate to ensure the connection is successful.
    • Click Save for each connection.

Additional Notes:

  • ReadMe File: Always refer to the quickstart template's ReadMe file for detailed instructions and any special requirements.

Congratulations! You've successfully installed your Celigo CSV - Stripe Data Uploader quickstart template.