NetSuite SuiteBundle SuiteScript 1.0 Deprecation

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SuiteBundle SuiteScript 1.0 is to be deprecated. However, you don't need to worry about it.

  1. Integration Apps (IA), the App provider will update your IA tile to use SuiteApp SuiteScript 1.0 or SuiteApp SuiteScript 2.x, and ensure that the App works without any compatible issues. We are doing this for all of Nova Module IAs and targeted completion date is Jan 31, 2024.
  2. Custom Integrations, Celigo will update the SuiteBundle SuiteScript 1.0 to SuiteApp SuiteScript 1.0. The SuiteScripts that are built in 1.0 will work with both SuiteBundle SuiteScript 1.0, SuiteApp SuiteScript 1.0, so there is no need to rework the SuiteScripts. However, if you want to use the SuiteApp SuiteScript 2.x, you need to update the IO NetSuite exports/lookups/imports hooks scripts to NetSuite SuiteScript 2.x.
For Integration Apps or Custom Integrations, there is no action item from the customer side, apart from installing the Celigo SuiteApp [Celigo on SuiteScript 2.0] on NetSuite. Without installing the Celigo SuiteApp in NetSuite, SuiteApp SuiteScript 1.0/2.x would not work. In the near future, Celigo or IA provider will reach out to you via email or IO notifications with a request to install the Celigo SuiteApp during the migration process. So, for the existing integrations without any current development, installing Celigo SuiteApp is not an immediate requirement.

Note: Having both Celigo SuiteApp and SuiteBundle installed in the same NetSuite account will not cause any issues, so please feel free to install the Celigo SuiteApp [Celigo on SuiteScript 2.0] on the NetSuite. Also, at this moment, in IO, if you want to change the SuiteBundle SuiteScript 1.0 to SuiteApp SuiteScript 1.0/2.x for the existing NetSuite IO exports and imports, it cannot be done via UI; it can only be done via API.
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