Configure - Order Flow

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ShipStation Order session offers 5 flows which take care of Sales Order, Customer, Stores, and tag updated between Shipstation and NetSuite.

Data Flow 1: NetSuite to ShipStation (“Ready-To-Ship”) Tag Update

This flow will update the tag in Shipstation after the order is successfully imported into NetSuite based on a saved search “ novamodule ShipStation Ready-To-Ship Tag Update”.

Setting side of things –

Steps to configure flow: –

  1. Login into
  2. Click on ShipStation-NetSuite Integration App
  3. Click on “ Settings” and configure the following fields- 

4. Goto Flows then add/update the below mappings based on what information that you want to update/import tag in Shipstation.

Data Flow 2: ShipStation Stores to NetSuite Add

This flow will add/update all the Shipstation stores into NetSuite.

No need to configure this flow as its already configured with all the mappings you just need to run this flow before start testing with other flows so it will sync all stores from Shipstation to NetSuite.(run this flow each time incase if you add any new stores in Shipstation)

Setting side of things –

Steps to configure flow:  –

Data Flow 3:  ShipStation to NetSuite Cash Sale Add

This flow will directly create cash sale record(instead of creating sales order record)

If you want to add shipping, tax and discount amounts at the line level please add these below mappings.

Setting side of things –

Steps to configure flow:  –

If you want to set body level tax please add below mappings:

Data Flow 4:  ShipStation to NetSuite Customer Add

This flow will create/update customer in NetSuite while creating an order(no need to run this flow while testing because when you run the order flow it will automatically trigger if you did below settings in IO)

Setting side of things –

Steps to configure flow:  –

  1. In case if you want to hard code to only one customer then please follow the below steps:

2. If you want to hardcode customers based on stores from Shipstation then please follow the below steps to add mappings:


Note: On enabling this flow, it will bring all the customers from ShipStation to NetSuite. Unless you want to bulk import the customers, you do not enable this flow.

Data Flow 5:  ShipStation to NetSuite Sales Order Add

This flow will import the orders from Shipstation to NetSuite from multiple stores and create sales orders in NetSuite.

Setting side of things –

Steps to configure flow:  –

Add the corresponding mappings in the flow that you want to import from Shipstation to NetSuite.