Recurring Billing

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Subscription and recurring billing is handled by triggering a scheduled script that is included in the PayPack bundle. The script will process any invoice that is returned by the NetSuite saved search.

Configure Saved Search

To use this feature, select the saved search on the configuration page under the Schedule tab.

  • Create a saved search: The PayPack bundle will include a saved search template which you can make a copy and use.
  • Saved Search Name: novamodule PayPack Recurring Invoice Charge Search

Note: Do not modify the label names in the columns tab as it is used to process recurring invoices.





Deploy Scheduled Script

Next, you will need to schedule a script to process invoices from the configured saved search.

  1. Go to Customization → Scripting → Script Deployments.
  2. Click on filters on the Deployments page.
  3. Select Map/Reduce in the Type drop-down and find customdeploy_nm_pp_rec_inv_chg_deploy.
  4. Click on Edit to set the schedule.
  5. On the Edit page, go to the Schedule tab and select the event that works for you.
  6. Select the Scheduled status from the Status drop-down.
  7. And finally, click on the Save button to save the info and the script will run based on the event that is selected.