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Configure - Order Flow

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Settings : Order

Before updating order flow mappings, navigate to Settings → Order.

There is a single directional flow for syncing NetSuite orders to Klaviyo events.

The NetSuite bundle will automatically add a saved search titled Novamodule Klaviyo Sales Order Export - Template. It is recommended to modify and save as a new saved search.


Optional - Ignore Sales Order Line Item(s)
This setting will skip add sales order line items and only create a Klaviyo order event. It bypasses step 2 of the data flow.

DataFlow : Export Sales Order Data from NetSuite to Klaviyo Events

There are 4 steps in this flow that will run after retrieving NetSuite order data from the configured saved search. The below steps include additional information and screenshots for reference.

  1. NetSuite - Export Sales Orders

    The default criteria in the NetSuite saved search includes sending order information for only Customers that are synced with a Klaviyo Member Id.

  2. Klaviyo - Create Line Items Event

    The integration app will create custom order line events in Klaviyo that can be used for customer segmentation.

  3. Klaviyo - Create Order Event

    The integration app will create custom order events in Klaviyo that can be used for customer segmentation.

  4. NetSuite - Update Sales Order Checkbox

    If Klaviyo order events are created successfully, the integration app will update the sales order field, Order Exported to Klaviyo, and order line item field, Item Exported to Klaviyo.

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