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Settings : Customers

Before updating customer flow mappings, navigate to Settings → Customers.

There are bidirectional flows for NetSuite to Klaviyo and Klaviyo to NetSuite. The below screenshot is for exporting NetSuite customers to Klaviyo profiles by using a NetSuite saved search.

The NetSuite bundle will automatically add a saved search titled Novamodule Klaviyo Customer Export - Template. It is recommended to modify and save as a new saved search.


DataFlow : Export Customer Information from NetSuite to Klaviyo Member List 

There are 3 steps in this flow that run after retrieving NetSuite customer information from the configured saved search.

  1. Create a Klaviyo Member and Add to List
    Note: Klaviyo members require either an email address or phone number.

  2. Update Klaviyo Profile Details

  3. Update NetSuite Customer with Klaviyo Member Id

    The Klaviyo member profile ID is passed into the custom NetSuite field which can be found under the Customer record → novamodule subtab.

DataFlow : Import Klaviyo Exclusions to NetSuite Contacts (Add/Update)

Use this scheduled flow to keep NetSuite contact preferences in sync with Klaviyo.

The highlighted mapping is additional information that can be transferred into NetSuite Contacts.


In NetSuite, setting Global Subscription Status to "Soft opt-out" will mark subscribed = "no" to the below subscriptions (i.e. Billing Communication, Marketing, Newsletters).


Klaviyo suppression information is found under the member profile channel details area. When Netsuite creates the contact record, it will include the Klaviyo List Id and Klaviyo Member Id.

Note: Klaviyo member suppressions will add or update NetSuite contacts.

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